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Benefits Of Alarm Systems

It is estimated that more than 2 million burglaries occur each year in US with 75% of these burglaries affecting residential properties. These burglaries are estimated to cause more than $4.5 billion in losses.

Alarm Systems

In addition to monetary losses, these burglaries often lead to accidents, violence and various other serious issues. This is the reason that alarm systems are gaining popularity with homeowners as well as business owners. Here is a list of some of the other advantages of investing in high quality alarm systems.

One of the biggest benefits is reduced danger as alarms reduce the probability of physical harm. If intruders try to enter your home or business at any time of the day, the alarm will sound and most of the intruders will run on hearing an alarm. In fact, a number of research studies indicate that businesses as well as residences with alarm systems are 300% more secure as compared to properties without an alarm. Alarms are of great help to older individuals living on their own as they can get help much faster as compared to dialing 911.

Another big advantage of these systems is that substantial incentives are offered by insurance companies for people who get an alarm system installed on their property. In most of the cases, the premium for insurance policy gets reduced by as much as 20% due to presence of an alarm system. This also adds value to the property especially if one is planning to sell their property. Due to the increased risk of burglaries, many buyers these days prefer to buy a property that comes with a security system in place to ensure that their possessions and families remain safe.

Perhaps the biggest benefit offered by a security system is peace of mind. People who have experienced a break-in not only suffer physical harm and property damage but they also suffer emotional damage. In many cases, this leads to anxiety that can linger for years. Recent studies published in many psychology publications indicate that many victims of such break-ins do not get their sense of security back for many years after the incident. However, presence of a security system gives you peace of mind as you do not need to worry about your possessions as well as family members even when you are not there.

Technological advances have made it possible for you to watch your home as well as business premises even when you are not physically present with the help of cameras connected to Internet. These new security systems also allow you to unlock your house remotely.

There are a number of companies offering a variety of security systems on the market today. Due to so many options, it’s not easy to choose the right system. Therefore, you need to take into account your own security needs to buy the right system.

One of the first things you need to do is to take a survey and evaluate the number of windows and doors where you may need protection from potential intruders. It will give you an idea of the features needed in the security system.

Another thing you need to decide on is the location best suited for control panels and system keypads. Many people like control panels near the bedroom or the front door.

While wireless systems are very popular these days, you also need to take a hard look at their pros and cons. For instance, system connected to a hard line may be more secure but can be disconnected by intruders when they cut the phone line. Similarly, wireless sensors need to communicate effectively even when there is no power.

Another thing you need to decide is whether you want a monitored alarm system. The monitored system has a central station where trained professionals watch your home 24 x 7 for a small fee. On the other hand, a self-monitoring system will call chosen numbers when an alarm is triggered. The choice between these two depends on your budget as well as convenience.

While cost is always a factor, you should not choose a system solely on the basis of cost. You may save a small amount of money by opting for a cheaper system but failure of a cheaper system may lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars of losses. So, choose a system that satisfies your security needs even if it costs a bit more.


Choosing a Medical Answering Service you Can Trust

Medical answering service providers are specialists in providing out of hours and overflow call handling for doctors and other medical practices. The kinds of services that they can offer varies from simple message taking and relay to emergency dispatch, the scheduling of appointments and more specialist triage.

There are a lot of companies that offer a medical answering service.  Most charge a flat fee for a block of time, and bill based on how much time they actually spend on the phone. Some companies will only offer appointment related services, while others have registered nurses on their staff, who can provide limited medical advice and do basic triaging. The fee for triaging is usually per-call based, and will be a lot more expensive than the fee for general appointment booking and call recording, since these are things that untrained call center staff can work on.

What You Get From The Service

Usually, when you sign up for a medical answering service, you will get a few different choices in terms of tiers. Basic messaging will see a receptionist take the call and forward the details to you – or alert you via a phone call if they assess that the call was an emergency. This is the cheapest level of service.

For a slightly higher fee, you can schedule appointments. The provider will verify your customer’s insurance details and process any credits for you over the telephone. They will also send out appointment reminders for you.

Nurse triaging is more expensive, but it is ideal for surgeries that want to offer their patients 24/7 care, but who are unable to arrange for full doctor staffing for the whole period. Nurse triaging is more personal than an automated system for getting people to leave messages, but takes a lot of the burden off you for scenarios where a patient calls with something that is urgent to them, but that could be dealt with quite simply by a calm, reassuring and moderately qualified person.

Things like appointment reminders can be a boon to busy surgeries, because it helps to ensure that people don’t forget their treatments. Even simple things like a quick reminder the day before can greatly improve patient adherence.

Having someone to handle the insurance information is useful too. The paperwork associated with medical treatments can be quite time consuming, but by verifying this information and getting the preliminary billing work done before the patient comes in, you can free up the time at the surgery for more important things – like actually administering treatment.

Outsourcing your work to a medical answering service makes sense because it costs far less than hiring a full time staff member and having them take up office space and need their own computer, telephony equipment, etc. You don’t have to worry about holiday cover for the staff member, or checking up on training and certifications. We handle everything for you.

For those who want to receive patient information for appointments over their mobiles, companies that offer secure apps are a good choice. Under HIPAA regulations, a doctor is not allowed to get patient messages via a regular SMS. To protect patient privacy, secure messaging MUST be used. Most of the messaging services will offer a secure mobile app for this however there may be an additional fee, and the features can vary massively between providers. Depending on whether you are looking to provide urgent care and out of hours services or simply want to stay up to date with the latest bookings, the feature set that you need could vary massively.

Take a moment to get quotes from a few different providers such as Call4Health and Ringadoc, and see which ones suit your practice the most. Don’t rush into choosing a provider – remember that your patients have put their trust in you to provide the best possible care, and if you keep changing provider for your messaging and appointment booking then this could be problematic. You would be much better off finding one provider and then offering them a consistent service over the long term, even if it takes several tenders to find the perfect company for your needs.


The Best Alarm Companies

You may find hundreds of home security companies in your city, but all of them do not offer a top-notch service. That is why you need to do your homework before picking one of the best alarm companies to provide home security systems for your home. There are important questions that you need to ask before making an informed buying decision for your home. What security system components do you require? How much should you expect to pay for such an alarm system? How complicated is the installation? These are some of the most important questions running through any homeowner’s head when thinking of purchasing the best alarm system for their homes. This article provides information on picking the best alarm companies for installing home security systems in their homes.

There are many options out there when it comes to home security systems. Most homeowners may wonder what’s the difference between home security and a home alarm? There is not much of a difference between these two. In fact, a burglar alarm includes just the basic sensors to detect an intrusion and notify the homeowner of such threat. It gives out an audible noise for this purpose. On the other hand, the alarm system includes burglary, fire, and smoke detectors as well. A home security system can be monitored from a central location or remote control via your smartphone. You need to know the difference between these two options when picking the right alarm company for your home.

The cost of the system is quite important. It should be within your budget limit in the first place. A simple burglary alarm can be purchased for as little as $20 through many online alarm companies. A fully-fledged alarm system with all the bells and whistles can be purchased for around $250. It includes home security cameras and other monitoring equipment. Home security companies offer various packages starting from $20 a month plus the installation fees of $100. Some companies offer free installation and equipment.

You need to know whether any installation or setup is involved. Simple alarm systems can be installed with DIY methods. The more advanced security systems require professional installation. There could be added costs and could involve drilling holes on the walls of your home. On the other hand, wireless home security systems are much easier to install and can be performed even by the homeowner. Having an idea about the installation process will make your buying decision easier.

Most home security systems come with monthly monitoring packages. These contracts will vary according to the requirement of the homeowner and the length of the contract. Some of the home security companies offer discounts on these monthly packages. So, make sure to ask them when signing the contract for such packages. In fact, most of the older home security systems relied on a phone line. These systems were not that effective since they were prone to cutting by thieves. This happens in older homes where the phone lines are exposed. Today’s security systems offer better protection for your homes since they rely on a broadband connection or cellular phone.

ADT is one of the largest home security providers in the United States. They have been around for many years and are considered one of the best security alarm companies in the country. They have authorized dealers in all states to sell their products. Their products are available nearly everywhere in the United States. But their customer service record varies depending on the location. There are many consumers who have reviewed the company positively. You find many positive testimonials and reviews on numerous online forums and discussion boards for ADT. This is why you need to check out their services by visiting the website of ADT.

In conclusion, there are hundreds of home security companies operating in the United States. All these companies are not created equal. So you need to be cautious when picking the right security alarm company for your home. This article provides a comprehensive overview of important factors to consider when choosing the best home security system in the United States. It will help save your time as well as the money in the long run.